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Please Help promote Martial Management. If you run a school and you enjoy the benefits of Martial Management, please consider adding a small banner to your website which will help me promote the site. By including a Martial Management link on your website, you can help me to spread the word about this tool. I am currently developing a page in Martial Management to advertise for my schools and organizations that use the software. If you will include the MM link on your site, you can be listed on the Martial Management participating schools list. The best part is that if you filled out your information properly, I already have your web address and you will be included automatically.

To make the process even easier, I have already created a small image and the necessary HTML for you to include on your page. Please see below.

Include the following HTML on your website:
The following will appear as a hyperlinked image:

Martial Management Badge
Once you paste this code into the HTML of your web page, then you can adjust the size of the graphic using the width and height tags in the image. Right now, the image is 50x200. You can decrease these values to make the image smaller or increase them to make the image larger. Please note, the source image is only 50 x 200 so don't get too large or the image will distort.

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